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Hertfordshire County Council

Doing Business with the Council

doing business with the council

We have changed our eTendering system and you will need to re-register with us (even if you were on the old system).

Hertfordshire County Council spends over £750 million each year on a wide range of Services, Works and Goods and aim to ensure that opportunities for business reach as many potential suppliers as possible and to make it easy for them to engage with the council.

The Contract Register provides a useful list of our current contracts.

The Procurement Pipeline provides information on anticipated major contracts to be placed by the Council in the next few years.

Supplier relationships are more than just a purchase to pay process. In many cases it is the supplier that delivers the end services and products that the citizens of Hertfordshire receive. The way we spend also influences economic, social and environmental outcomes for Hertfordshire. We have created a dedicated supplier portal that provides information for businesses who wish to be a supplier to HCC and lists our current opportunities. You can find the information on Supply Hertfordshire.

Supply Hertfordshire

HCC is also a member of Supply Hertfordshire - the public sector organisations within Hertfordshire with a joint spend in excess of £1 Billion. Supply Hertfordshire is working to improve information for suppliers and to make the procurement process as streamlined and accessible as possible. Supply Hertfordshire makes use of the best available technologies to bring together tender opportunities from 20 organisations in Hertfordshire and also provides

  • Automated email alerts.
  • Electronic tender and quotation returns.
  • Help and advice on the tendering process

Register on Supply Hertfordshire to view our latest opportunities.

You'll need to register on Supply Hertfordshire if you are interested in becoming one of our suppliers.

We've recently updated this portal - it's important that you take a moment to make sure that you are registered and that your details are up to date.

You will be able to set up alerts (or invites) for new contract opportunities. Make sure we send you the right alerts by selecting categories which represent what your business could offer us.

You can use the supplier help guide for guidance with this.

Terms and Conditions 

Hertfordshire County Council  uses its own terms and conditions for all Contracts relating to goods services and works and these will be detailed in the Quotation or Tender documentation. Please do not refer to any standard terms and conditions that your company uses when you submit a quotation or in response to a formal invitation to tender.

General Conditions of Purchase

The General Conditions of Purchase are the conditions which appear on any Purchase Order and are applicable to that order unless a prior agreement or Contract between both parties have been agreed, usually through a quotation or tendering process. 


The Council has a Whistleblowing Procedure that is intended to provide a means of making serious allegations about standards, conduct, financial irregularity or possible unlawful action in a way that will ensure confidentiality and protect those making such allegations, in the reasonable belief that it is in the public interest to do so, from being victimised, discriminated against or disadvantaged. This procedure applies to Contractors as well as to employees of the Council.

All Contracts have a Whistleblowing Clause within them which links to the Guidance for Contractors and HCC Whistleblowing Procedure

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Follow @HCCProcurement for the latest procurement news and information at Hertfordshire County Council. Please note: Supply Hertfordshire will remain our primary advertising portal.

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